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Intel's Optane
Intel’s new Optane drive.

Intel’s new Optane drives want to change the way computer storage is handled forever . The new Optane drives from intel seek to replace RAM while also giving users with hard drives faster speeds. Intel has touted their announcement of Optane as revolutionary and will change the way computers are made forever. Read more “Optane: Intel’s New RAM Solution”

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Nvidia 1080 Ti
The 1080 Ti from Nvidia

At the Game Developers Conference, Nvidia dropped a bomb: the 1080 Ti is real and it is coming very soon. Nvidia has been relatively silent after the release of the GTX 1080 back in May of 2016. They have had control of the GPU market for quite a while; their GPUs are by far the strongest on the market, with AMD lagging far behind them in terms of power. However, Nvidia have seemed to back themselves into a corner; they have the most powerful GPU on the market, the Titan X, which was leagues above any other graphics card, but did not sell due to its ridiculous price tag of $1200. Nvidia had a choice: either keep their current course and slowly increment their cards while their strongest cards don’t sell, or do something radically different. They chose to do the latter and thus, the 1080 Ti was born.

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