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After suffering the loss of his custom loop PC at the hands of clumsy delivery people, our client contacted us to build his brand new PC. We were able to salvage some of the broken PC’s components for the new build, like the custom loop pump and cooling blocks. So, we set out to build the client’s new PC with a eye-catching black/red theme.

This monster of a PC is packing some heat; an Intel Core i7-6700K on the fierce Asus Maximus VIII Hero, 16GBs of Corsair Vengeance Red LED RAM, two liquid cooled Asus GeForce GTX 980 Strixes, and an EVGA 1000W GQ PSU. The EKWB custom loop was perfectly integrated and artfully pieced together, working toward both amazing form and function. The two Alphacool radiators were each equipped with triple Corsair SP120s, allowing for exceptional cooling. Upon seeing his new PC for the first time, our client was overjoyed at the result.

We love to build custom gaming PCs in our Altamonte Springs, FL computer workshop. Check out our blog for more builds and contact us to have a custom PC built. Also make sure to check us out on PCPartPicker. Let us build your dream PC to the utmost quality that our customers come to expect from Lotus Computer.

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CPU cores
The back of a CPU with multiple cores.

So, you’ve begun researching parts for your new gaming PC! You have a strong graphics card,  a nice SSD in your cart, and now you’re looking for a shiny new CPU. Should you pick one with 8 cores? Surely more cores must be better? You don’t want to break the bank but you don’t want to bottleneck your PC either? How many cores does PC gaming need; are more better?

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Twitch is a streaming site.
The logo for the popular streaming site Twitch.


If you play video games, you may have heard of the website Twitch.tv. It is a site made up entirely of people streaming video games live. Twitch has gained tons of popularity over the years and many people have been able to make a living off of streaming. Through the generosity of fans and partnering with Twitch, many gamers make their livelihood playing games. Obviously, this is very alluring to people and many gamers stream to try and achieve that same success. But before you can achieve streaming success, you have to have a PC to stream with. While we won’t go into a specific build (yet), here are some ideas on building a streaming PC.

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