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Editing PC
An Editing PC Setup.

Editing is essential to almost every form of content creation. Every commercial is made by professional video and photo editors. Even YouTubers have begun hiring editors to make their work look more professional. If you want to start editing or learning how to edit, you’ll need a computer to get started. In the past, we made a similar starting guide for beginning streamers. Just like in that article, we won’t get into specific specs, but here are some things to consider. Read more “Get Editing with an Editing PC”

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CPU cores
The back of a CPU with multiple cores.

So, you’ve begun researching parts for your new gaming PC! You have a strong graphics card,  a nice SSD in your cart, and now you’re looking for a shiny new CPU. Should you pick one with 8 cores? Surely more cores must be better? You don’t want to break the bank but you don’t want to bottleneck your PC either? How many cores does PC gaming need; are more better?

Read more “Quality or Quantity: CPU Cores and Gaming”

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Quadro GPU
The Illustrious NVIDIA Quadro.

If you follow the PC gaming community you know of NVIDIA; they basically own the high end GPU market. If you want one of the strongest GPUs for your computer, you’ll be buying an NVIDIA card. In your studies for the strongest GPU, you may have come across a mysterious card from NVIDIA. It costs more than a Titan X GPU, it isn’t a part of their GeForce line, and costs way more than any graphics card out there. Why does it cost so much? Do I need to get one for my high end PC? Read more “The Quadro: Not for the Weak of Wallet”

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RX 500 graphics cards.
AMD recently revealed their new mid range GPUs; the RX 500 series.

Recently, AMD has been hogging the news spotlight with its new Ryzen processors and now they have decided to throw some new graphics cards into the mix. Are these cards the widely anticipated Vega cards? No. They are not. They are slightly improved versions of AMD’s RX 400 series cards. Will they set the world on fire? Probably not, but the RX 500 series does offer some great power for relatively low prices. Read more “The RX 500 Series: Not Vega But Still Cool”

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New Ryzen 5 CPU
Ryzen 5 seems to be the CPU people were looking for from AMD.

AMD’s new Ryzen 5 CPUs are now in the wild for all to see. Early reviews are very promising and it’s looking like Intel might be in hot water. While people were unimpressed with Ryzen 7, Ryzen 5 (at least at the outset) looks much more promising. Let’s talk about some of the good and the bad and if Ryzen 5 is for you. Read more “Ryzen 5 Helps Ryzen Rise Again”

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Power supply
A non-modular power supply.

When people think of the components of a computer, usually they’ll talk about the CPU or the graphics card; the workhorses of the PC. Oftentimes, people forget about the power supply, arguably the single most important component of the computer. Without a solid power supply, a computer will not work no matter how strong its components are. But what goes into picking a good power supply and what should you consider when picking one? Read more “Power Supply: The Fuel Tank of the PC”

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Intel's Optane
Intel’s new Optane drive.

Intel’s new Optane drives want to change the way computer storage is handled forever . The new Optane drives from intel seek to replace RAM while also giving users with hard drives faster speeds. Intel has touted their announcement of Optane as revolutionary and will change the way computers are made forever. Read more “Optane: Intel’s New RAM Solution”