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Ryzen: AMD’s Best or Worst CPU

a ryzen cpu
AMD’s Ryzen CPU

After much anticipation, AMD’s Ryzen has finally hit the streets. You may remember our previous article talking about Ryzen’s potential and how excited we were for it. So did Ryzen blow up the PC world and is Intel in deep water now? Not exactly; Ryzen has caused a console-war esq stir among the PC community with different groups praising and damning it all at the same time. Let’s take a look at Ryzen’s strengths and drawbacks and try and hammer out the controversy surrounding it.

The Good

As you potentially know, Ryzen is one of the cheapest CPUs out right now for as many cores as it has. Intel cannot compete with this price in terms of core number. An Intel processor with the same number of cores costs double the price of a Ryzen processor. Since it has so many cores, Ryzen is excellent for processes such as rendering, compressing, or encoding; it is great for someone using their computer to create content. For a music producer or film maker, Ryzen is almost a no-brainer in terms of CPU choice.

The Bad

With all its cores, Ryzen makes for an amazing CPU for content creation, but how does it fair for gaming? Ryzen is all over the place in terms of gaming performance, keeping up with some of Intel’s strongest processors in some games, while falling behind in others. It is fairly consistent when playing games in 4k or in VR, but lower end games in 1080p can cause some problems. It seems Ryzen is poorly optimized for playing in less intense environments. Because of the high costs of 4k and VR gaming, the issues with 1080p rendering will be a problem for most people. While AMD has given people more cores for less, they haven’t improved them much from their last iteration of CPUs; Intel still has them beat when it comes to single core processes. Intel’s individual cores are simply more efficient than anything AMD has on the market now, which hurts Ryzen’s capabilities when it comes to gaming.

So is Ryzen for Me?

When asking whether you should purchase Ryzen, the answer comes down to what you plan to be doing on your computer. If you are a content creator and plan to use the PC mainly for rendering or compressing, Ryzen is a great choice. Ryzen’s multiple cores will be great for creative purposes, but won’t be beneficial when playing video games. Games right now are not optimized to use so many cores and you can get much better performance out of a cheaper quad core Intel CPU, such as the Core i7-7700K. Take note, however, this could change in the future; games could start adapting to this different CPU architecture and work better on Ryzen. At this point in time, if you are looking for a creative machine, then get Ryzen. If you want to play games, you’d be better off with Intel.

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