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Quality or Quantity: CPU Cores and Gaming

CPU cores
The back of a CPU with multiple cores.

So, you’ve begun researching parts for your new gaming PC! You have a strong graphics card,  a nice SSD in your cart, and now you’re looking for a shiny new CPU. Should you pick one with 8 cores? Surely more cores must be better? You don’t want to break the bank but you don’t want to bottleneck your PC either? How many cores does PC gaming need; are more better?

More Cores = Better Gaming?

So, how many cores should you get if you want good performance when gaming? The answer more often than not is 4 (and sometimes maybe 6). A popular myth that people believe in is that the more CPU cores you have, the better gaming experience you will have. Not only is this not true, but you may sometimes get worse performance with an 8 core CPU than a 4 core CPU. The majority of games (at least in the current environment) rely more on single core processes than multicore processes. The important thing when picking a CPU for gaming is having efficient cores rather than a large number of cores. This is why Intel’s CPUs are so popular with gamers; they have the best core architecture in the market. When buying a CPU, don’t ask how many cores you need, ask how strong the cores are.

Only 4 Cores No Matter What?

So, are there any merits at all to having a gaming rig with more than 4 cores in it? There are, for sure, just not necessarily for gaming. If you are a content creator and render things regularly, an 8 core processor will be awesome for you. It will speed up your tasks and processing so you can get your work done faster. If you are a streamer, an 8 core processor would be great for you. You would be able to run all your streaming programs while getting little impact to the game you are playing. All in all, if you are planning to multitask while playing games or use your gaming PC as a workstation as well, a CPU with more than 4 cores would be good for you. Otherwise, a 4 core CPU will be great for gaming and normal, everyday use.

People assume that the best parts for their PC are always the most expensive. With any PC, it’s important to do research rather than having every part be the “best.” Sometimes the best part for your build won’t be the most expensive and other times it’s important to splurge for a part rather get the cheaper version. Remember: the most important part of a PC build is research.

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