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The Quadro: Not for the Weak of Wallet

Quadro GPU
The Illustrious NVIDIA Quadro.

If you follow the PC gaming community you know of NVIDIA; they basically own the high end GPU market. If you want one of the strongest GPUs for your computer, you’ll be buying an NVIDIA card. In your studies for the strongest GPU, you may have come across a mysterious card from NVIDIA. It costs more than a Titan X GPU, it isn’t a part of their GeForce line, and costs way more than any graphics card out there. Why does it cost so much? Do I need to get one for my high end PC?

What is a Quadro?

Think of the Quadro as the cream of the crop. Out of the manufacturing batch of new GeForce cards, NVIDIA finds the best of the bunch and turns it into a Quadro. At its birth, a Quadro is just like any other GeForce card. Once the Quadro is picked out, NVIDIA gives the card its seal of approval and gives it a few upgrades. While the guts of a Quadro are the same as a standard GeForce card, they are designed to run for years at a time. They are able to run day and night for years and years without burning out. Special software drivers and firmware are made for Quadros to enhance their performance for specific rendering and animation programs  While the architecture of a Quadro is the same as a GeForce card, NVIDIA has overhauled it to become the ultimate graphical workhorse.

Should I Get One?

In short: no. Spending $5,000 for a graphics card is insane. Quadros are meant for professional movie and game studios. They used for developing and rendering graphics at an industrial level. A Quadro would make sense If you were someone working at Pixar or at a game developer making a new VR game. The NVIDIA guarantee that comes with a Quadro ensures these developers that they won’t lose their work no matter how long the card has been running. Simply put, it is way too expensive and not intended for playing video games. If you are a major enthusiast and a need to wantonly waste money, sure, a Quadro would be a great graphics card. But for those of us living in the real world, I’m sure you can get by with a GTX 1080.

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