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Get Editing with an Editing PC

Editing PC
An Editing PC Setup.

Editing is essential to almost every form of content creation. Every commercial is made by professional video and photo editors. Even YouTubers have begun hiring editors to make their work look more professional. If you want to start editing or learning how to edit, you’ll need a computer to get started. In the past, we made a similar starting guide for beginning streamers. Just like in that article, we won’t get into specific specs, but here are some things to consider.

Editing PC Essentials

The most important thing to splurge on for an editing PC is the CPU. All rendering software, whether it is photo or video, will hog the CPU for their processes. The more cores and threads you have on the CPU, the better. The CPU is the most important part in any editing PC. In terms of GPU, you can actually go for a cheap option, if you want. Most editing software (save for the ultra-high end Davinci Resolve program) doesn’t use the graphics card much. That being said, having a mid-range GPU will help to speed up rendering processes. Unless you play to play games as well as edit, don’t worry about buying something as strong as a GTX 1080 or even a 1070. As for a motherboard, you should be fine picking any one as long as it fits your CPU.

As a rule of thumb, the more RAM you have in your editing PC the better. You should start out with at least 8GB, but the more the better. Storage is up to your own tastes. An SSD will load your programs faster and thus help you finish your work faster. As an editor, you’ll have tons of files to store; a hard drive is almost essential for storing so much data. You can get by with external drives and an SSD or just a hard drive; it all up to preference.

Editing Peripherals and Tips

So, now that you have a general idea of what you need for an editing rig, what should you consider getting on the side? For high quality video and photo editing, you should get a good monitor, either 1080p or 4K, depending on the visuals you’ll be rendering. You should invest in some expensive headphones or a speaker system to if you want to hear high quality audio. If you plan to record audio, you should invest in a good microphone.

In regards to software, that depends on your needs. Most types of editing have free versions available (GIMP for photo editing, Movie Maker for video editing) for beginners. If you want to really produce high quality work, however, you may want to invest in a paid program. There are plenty of suites out there to try; finding the one you work best in is important for editing.

When starting out, try and make things you enjoy at first. Make a short video, write a song, create a cool photoshop picture, or anything to build up your portfolio. If you are passionate enough and create high quality work, eventually you’ll be noticed by the professionals. Just keep working and making things you enjoy.

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