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Custom PC for Photo and Video Editing

We recently completed building a custom PC for a photo and video editing professional; we posted this awesome build to PCPartPicker, check out the post here

With an Intel Core i7-6800K  and 32 gigabytes of G.Skill RAM, this PC is perfect for it’s owners needs. The Asus X99 motherboard allows for plenty of room for future expansion and with an EVGA NVIDIA GTX 1070, the owner will be able to professionally edit his projects while also having the graphical power to play some Witcher 3.

Using his Samsung 500GB SSD and a WD 1TB HDD, he’ll have the speed for quick edits and fast boot times while also having plenty of storage for his work. The EVGA SuperNova G2 power supply provides plenty of power for his current setup and gives headroom for future improvements. Everything stays cool with the Noctua NH-U14S fan as well as the fans found within the Phanteks Eclipse P400S case; and there’s no lack of style with the built in RGB LED’s inside the case that can change color with the push of a button. With the perfect melding of style and power, this PC will keep it’s owner satisfied for the foreseeable future.

We love to build custom gaming PCs in our Altamonte Springs, FL computer workshop. Check our blog for more builds, visit our store to view our products or contact us to have a custom PC built, and check us out on PCPartPicker. Let us build your dream PC to the utmost quality that our customers come to expect from Lotus Computer!