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New Lotus PCs with Ryzen


With the release of AMD’s new Ryzen processors, Lotus Computer has updated it’s storefront! Our Axis 900 model, and soon our Axis 500 and Axis 700 models will come with AMD Ryzen processors, ready to impress you with their speed and efficiency. Due to AMD’s staggered release schedule, the Axis 500s and Axis 700s will be updated with Ryzen processors when the Ryzen 5’s release in Q2 2017. We will release future blog posts marking these computers making the jump to Ryzen. The Axis 900, however, will be available with its impressive Ryzen 7 1800X. Below, you will find the description and spec list for the brand new Axis 900A, fully updated for the exciting new Ryzen CPU. Read more “New on the Lotus Storefront – Ryzen Processors”

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We specialize in high-end custom PC desktops for gaming and more

High-end custom PC with water cooler, Core i7 6-core, and GTX 1080Lotus is a small custom computer shop in Orlando that specializes in building high-end custom gaming PCs for Orlando. Customers in Orlando and the rest of America love our custom PCs, because we are experienced computer builders. Our custom PC systems are built by professionals with great attention to detail. We build custom gaming PCs for gamers with any budget. Read more “Custom PC from Lotus in Orlando”